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dance July 3, 2012

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New Home September 6, 2009

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Sorry the site now has a new home, and has for a while. It is

Thanks, Sherish x


Face Shapes and Corrective Make Up August 4, 2009

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It can be quite difficult determining which face shape you have and what corrective make up you should apply.

Here, if you’re not sure what face shape you have, go through all of them and see which description best describes your face shape. If you already know what face shape you have, you can see what type of corrective make up you need to apply in order to get the perfect shape


Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton

  • The forehead is broad with an angular jaw
  • The aim of the make up is to narrow the forehead and jaw line, reducing the squareness of the bone structure
  • Shade the lower jaw and forehead
  • Blusher can be spread upwards towards the temples





  • This is known as the perfect shape face (not because it is perfect, but most contouring make-up aims for this)
  • The aim is to accentuate the bone structure and balance the contours
  • Shader is applied below the cheek bones
  • Highlighter is applied above the shader
  • Blusher is applied towards the temples



Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

  • This is the face shape that has a curved forehead with a rounded chin and few angles
  • Aim is to give the appearance of length downwards
  • Shade is applied to the lower half of the face and at the temples
  • Highlighter blend in strips narrowly down the nose and face
  • Blusher is applied on the cheekbones and towards the temples



Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

  • This is where the forehead is wide with a thin jaw line
  • The aim with this face shape is to widen the jawline and reduce the forehead slightly
  • Shade is applied to the sides of the forehead and temples
  • Highlighter is applied to the angles of the jaw line



Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

  • This is the long, thin face shape
  • With this shape you have to redice the illusion of length and create fullness
  • Shade is applied to the tip of the chin and narrowest part of the face to reduce length
  • Highlighter is applied to the sides of the temples to create fullness
  • Blusher is applied to the fullness of the cheeks



Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

  • This is the opposite of the heart shaped face. It’s where the forehead is narrow with a wide jaw
  • With this you need to create width to the forehead and reduce the lower half of the face
  • Shade is applied to the sides of the chin
  • Highlighter is applied to the sides of the forehead
  • Blusher is applied to the fullness of the cheeks

Get the look

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Cool Blue

Cool Blue

Came across this picture in a magazine and just loved it. There is heavy emphasis on the eyes with the royal blue applied on the lid and stopping just before the eyebrows and slightly under the eyes. Also, To apply like this, start on the eyelid and start working outwards, so that has that it doesn’t look too heavy. Then witht the pencil eyeliner, go around the topline and also on the bottom. Then with a eyeliner brush, blend in with the eyeshadow.

Because the eyes are so prominent, the lips are light with nude colour lip gloss.

The nails are matching the eyes, which finishes the royal look.

Here’s how to recreate this look on yourself.

From left to right clockwise: GOSH eyeshadow (in butterfly) £4.79 Superdrug, Nails Inc nailpolish (in Kabaret ink met blue) £9.50 House of Fraser, L'Oreal Jet Black Eyeliner £4.20 Boots and Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick (in Sugar Cookie) £13.00 Benefit

From left to right clockwise: GOSH eyeshadow (in butterfly) £4.79 Superdrug, Nails Inc nailpolish (in Kabaret ink met blue) £9.50 House of Fraser, L'Oreal Jet Black Eyeliner £4.20 Boots and Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick (in Sugar Cookie) £13.00 Benefit


Banning of airbrushing in adverts August 3, 2009

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So, I’m reading a mates blog and I see she’s put up this article that says airbrushing in adverts should be banned. The issue was raised by Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson who said the “practice of altering pictures can harm young people’s health and self esteem.” I agree with this.The article is particular towards advertising aimed at children under 16 and therefore it can be seen as more of a harm.

Airbrushing pictures of models in magazines and on the TV can completely alter their appearance. In adverts, this can be very misleading, especially when it falsely emphasises the effects of using certain products such as mascara, anti-wrinkle cream or before and after pictures of acne sufferers.

Now aiming airbrushed pictures towards under 16’s just seems morally wrong and I agree that that they should be banned because misleading children can lead to many children being upset for many reasons.

The article can be found here:

On a side note, I’ve seen some really bad airbrushed pictures. Won’t mention any names but it’s very obvious especially when sections are missed out (under the netted veil). Do it correctly, or don’t do it at all! Little rant over!

Airbrushed image and real image of model

Airbrushed image and real image of model


Hair Removal Issues

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Tend Skin Liquid Solution

Tend Skin Liquid Solution

Whether you wax or shave, removing hair can lead to some unsightly problems. Ingrown hairs, burns, redness, swelling, bruising and bumps are only some of the after effects of waxing or shaving. But we all know that we just cannot live without hair removal. Whether your male or female, whether its to look good or for hygience purposes, we just need to do it.

I’m no stranger to the hair removing world, and have tried pretty much everything, minus laser (too expensive for me at this stage in my life!) so how do I deal with the problems? Well I didn’t until about 2 weeks ago. My beautician has been recommending Tend Skin to me for months and months as I get really bad ingrown hairs everytime I go to get waxed, but being the indecisive girl that I am, I always left the salon with a “Hmm, I’ll think about it..” But this time I agreed, and have been using this for 2 weeks. I must say it smells quite strong (a bit like nail polish remover) and it does sting. But it is slowly working. It feels harsh on the skin, but you don’t use it everyday. It reduces redness and the ingrown hairs are lessening slightly, as it does take time to work.

It can be used by both men and women and is recommended to be applied on troubled areas every other day. I will continue to use it, and let you know the updates!

I bought mine from my local beauty salon, so ask your beautican if they have it. If not, it’s available to buy online at for £11.65



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d03a32b4-fd95-4a8f-9b9c-3802da2dce9a_2On the subject of eyebrows, it comes to my attention that a lot of men are turning to eyebrow shaping. WHY?! A little bit of hair removal from the centre is fine, but when they go too far and start plucking from the top, the bottom and begin to give them shape, they start to look a bit feminine. Now if you want to look feminine by all means do it, but it’s not for you! Don’t do it! It’s very noticable and can be rather embarrasing. And when you ask them, they always seem to deny it.

If you think your eyebrows are really horrific, then just remove the hairs from the centre and cut off any long hairs with a scissors.